About the center

The Center of Excellence in Water Desalination Technology was established with the signing of its financing contract between the Ministry of Higher Education and King Abdulaziz University on the tenth day of Rajab 1429 AH corresponding to July 13, 2008 AD, and this was crowned by the decision of His Excellency the Director of King Abdulaziz University to establish the center On the first of the blessed month of Ramadan 1429 AH.

The establishment of the Center for Research Excellence in Water Desalination Technology at King Abdulaziz University coincides with its strategic plan to transform into a leading research university. It also represents the optimal investment for the university’s scientific and technical capabilities, equipment and laboratories related to desalination technology, the most prominent of which are:

  • It provides a broad research base of faculty members, graduate students, and technicians with expertise in the fields of desalination technology.
  • The university is unique in the presence of a number of scientific departments, colleges and research centers specialized in fields closely related to water desalination, such as the Department of Thermal Engineering and Water Desalination Technology, the College of Marine Sciences, the College of Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture, the Water Research Center, and the Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies.
  • The university owns laboratories and equipment related to water desalination technology, including flash evaporation desalination plant, reverse osmosis desalination plant, steam generation plant, direct contact heat transfer lab, traditional heat transfer lab, water treatment and mineral recovery plant, water analysis lab, materials lab. , corrosion plant and others.
  • The university owns two locations on the first Red Sea coast in the cities of Jeddah and Rabigh.

Dr.. Hani Abu al-Khair

Center Director's word

Water is the basic building block of life on earth, as the availability of fresh water sources is a prerequisite for the civilized development of human societies throughout human history. Previously, the urban and rural areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were adopted


Contribute to the efforts made to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a leader in the development of water desalination technologies and their applications in a sustainable manner.

the message

  • Improving the economics of desalination by supporting and developing various desalination technologies.
  • Localize desalination technologies through innovative research and technology transfer.
  • Training a new generation of researchers who are able to carry out distinguished and qualitative research and high-quality development programs.

Center projects

Projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Education
Projects in cooperation with King Abdulaziz City for Science
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